Let the Tarot bring you answers, reassurance, and a path to follow.

Available for online or phone readings. Request a reading time via the form, or reach out directly via phone or email.

Readings are $50 for an approximately 25 minute reading. Payment is accepted via Paypal or Venmo. If requesting a Video Call reading, please be familiar with using Zoom or Skype before your reading time.
For appointments at The Historic Thayer Hotel in Annandale, MN, please call or email.

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    Katrina at the Historic Thayer Hotel in Annandale, MN.

    Intuitive Tarot by Katrina

    I started this journey many years ago. Having had tarot cards since childhood in England, within sight of the Welsh Hills. A deck of Tarot cards used for storytelling became my intuitive tool of choice. As a teen, my curiosity became a hobby, which then blossomed into a passion, and now I share it with others. I am based in Annandale, Wright County, Minnesota, and give tarot readings both near and far.

    Through intuitive tarot readings, I am able to provide insight and guidance for you, and by working with a variety of tarot decks, you receive a more attuned reading. My patrons tell me that my readings are like the unfolding of a story, lit by sage advice. I know they give you reassurance, answers, confidence, and a path forward to follow.

    Amazing reading! It was very in tune with my life right now. I now know what I have to deal with and I can look at my future with a fresh perspective.

    ~ Jessica ~

    Fantastic reading! You made me feel comfortable and helped to relieve anxiety and worry about a current relationship.

    ~ Nicole ~

    Katrina is a very sweet person with a gentle soul. She gave me a tarot reading so accurate my eyes began to water. It was an incredibly enjoyable experience.

    ~ N.R.S. ~

    Thank you for giving me choices and helping me clarify what direction is best. Thank you also, for the reassurance about my relationship.

    ~ Lea ~

    Dear Katrina, Today you were an angel sent from Heaven for me. Your reading was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. You created a lot of light today. I mean that sincerely. Love & Light.

    ~ Kelly M. ~

    Very direct messages and you make sure that the "true message" is understood instead of letting the client go with what they "want" to hear.

    ~ Jeff ~

    Had a reading today in Superior and was blown away at how spot on Katrina was! I was looking for clarity with my job and she read the deck of my choice for exactly what was/has been on my mind. I feel like I am on the right track now. Thank you!!!

    ~ Lindsey ~

    Katrina, thank you for the reading - I really enjoyed your style. I was able to implement my gratitude prayers to release the tension of what I am worried about, due to the awareness your reading brought me. Every step makes a difference. We will be speaking in the future.

    ~ Jeannie ~

    Thank you so much, Katrina. What a blessing it was for me to be drawn to you today!! You have given me tremendous encouragement to go forward with my choices.

    ~ Lynette ~

    Katrina and I live a bit away from one another, so we chose to Skype my Tarot session. It was outstanding! She is so warm—I insistently felt I was in good, capable, knowledgeable hands ... and to have that come through over Skype was pretty (in my book) pretty impressive. My heart and chest are lighter after speaking with Katrina, and I have a suspicion my brain might just let me sleep tonight. Book your session, friends. She is a delight, and delivers messages with love.

    ~ Laura E. ~

    Phone or Video Call

    $50 Per Person

    1 Person
    Approx 25 minute reading
    Please be familiar with using Zoom or Skype before reading time

    Individual – In person

    $50+ Per Person

    1 Person
    Approx 30 minute reading
    $50 within Wright County, MN
    Time & mileage applied for other locations


    $35-45 Per Person

    3 or more people
    Approx 15-20 minute readings
    Reading cost and duration varies depending on group size
    Time & mileage applied for locations outside of Wright County

    • I don’t usually use actual card images for my blogs, but I couldn’t resist for this one. It asks us to immediately be peaceful, silent, and to look within oneself. This so perfectly represents my thoughts for the card. This Priestess is from an independent deck, “The Divine Feminine”. It is one of a trilogy of decks, the other two being “Divine Masculine” and “Divine Spirit”. The three decks can be used as they are, or can be mixed and mingled in any combination as the reader is drawn to do. This

    • A tale of two cards. The Sun - It warms our earth, our soil, our body and our soul. It is the largest energy producer affecting earth. It grows our crops, heals our wounds, our hearts and our being. It liberates us from worries, stresses and constraints. It brings us joy and contentment. It delivers light, for clarity, exposing truth and reveling what is hidden. It shows us what has to be done and best way to do it. The Son - Traditionally showing a child on his horse. He is to

    • I recently had a conversation with a very nice lady who had never had a reading before, either psychic or intuitive. She asked me, “Why do you ask, 'What is your question', aren’t you supposed to know?” Well, yes and no. Most people come to a reader with a question on their mind and I am happy to help them. Occasionally, someone will ask, “What message does the universe have for me today?” I’m happy to help them with this, too. So, why do I ask? Let’s look at