Learn the power of planning, placement, and creation of spreads in:

Flip It!

A Tarot Spreads & Layouts Workshop

Online workshops coming soon – stay tuned!

See below for more details.

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I am in the beginning phases of bringing my workshops online! These will be live, small-group courses to begin with, but I am also exploring the possibility of creating on-demand video lessons so that you may learn on your own schedule.

You have a great working knowledge of the Tarot Cards and know read their meanings with insight. However, some questions require a serious look at the issue, going more in-depth into the history, the people involved, and how different actions might bring different outcomes.

This will be a hands-on practical workshop, so have your favorite deck(s) with you and be prepared to work with others.

At Flip It!, you will learn:

Simple yes/no spreads

A variety of 3 card spreads for quick questions

How to lay out cards for a multi-outcome dilemma

Katrina’s very own spread for looking at the year ahead, which can be used for other time questions

The Celtic Cross and some of its variants

A relationship spread

In addition:

We’ll explore how you can create your own spreads and lays to fit your needs or your clients’ questions

We will end with a demonstration of The Grand Tableau

tarot workshop

Amazing reading! It was very in tune with my life right now. I now know what I have to deal with and I can look at my future with a fresh perspective.

~ Jessica ~

Fantastic reading! You made me feel comfortable and helped to relieve anxiety and worry about a current relationship.

~ Nicole ~

Katrina is a very sweet person with a gentle soul. She gave me a tarot reading so accurate my eyes began to water. It was an incredibly enjoyable experience.

~ N.R.S. ~

Thank you for giving me choices and helping me clarify what direction is best. Thank you also, for the reassurance about my relationship.

~ Lea ~

Dear Katrina, Today you were an angel sent from Heaven for me. Your reading was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. You created a lot of light today. I mean that sincerely. Love & Light.

~ Kelly M. ~

Very direct messages and you make sure that the "true message" is understood instead of letting the client go with what they "want" to hear.

~ Jeff ~

Had a reading today in Superior and was blown away at how spot on Katrina was! I was looking for clarity with my job and she read the deck of my choice for exactly what was/has been on my mind. I feel like I am on the right track now. Thank you!!!

~ Lindsey ~

Katrina, thank you for the reading - I really enjoyed your style. I was able to implement my gratitude prayers to release the tension of what I am worried about, due to the awareness your reading brought me. Every step makes a difference. We will be speaking in the future.

~ Jeannie ~

Thank you so much, Katrina. What a blessing it was for me to be drawn to you today!! You have given me tremendous encouragement to go forward with my choices.

~ Lynette ~