Open your Intuition, learn to read the Tarot in:

Just One Day

Intuitive Tarot Reading Workshop

Online workshops coming soon – stay tuned!

See below for more details.

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I am in the beginning phases of bringing my workshops online! These will be live, small-group courses to begin with, but I am also exploring the possibility of creating on-demand video lessons so that you may learn on your own schedule.

You have wanted to learn the Tarot, to understand it, and to be able to reference it at will.

You’d like to read the cards for yourself, family, and friends. But 78 cards is a lot to memorize! It’s a daunting task and this is why I have been working hard to create a workshop that will have you using your intuition and understanding the inner workings of the Tarot in just one day.

Enjoy a full, fun-filled, day in a cozy place with friends. You may bring your own deck, or I will be providing decks for the class which you can bring home with you. I’ll also provide additional resources for you to use during the workshop, and with then take home with you for your practice with friends and family.

In just one day you will learn through doing. I have developed various fun exercises through which you will learn the stories told throughout the deck, comparing cards, suits, characters, and numbers. As the day continues we’ll play several games that will bring the deck and its characters to life. We will also lightly discuss the ethics involved with reading for others. At the end of class, we will bring it all together and spend some time reading for each other.

In just one day, you will:

Unlock your intuition and learn how to use it

Understand how the tarot works

Learn how to recognize the characters and stories present in the cards, without memorization

Receive other resources to aid you as you practice

tarot workshop

Amazing reading! It was very in tune with my life right now. I now know what I have to deal with and I can look at my future with a fresh perspective.

~ Jessica ~

Fantastic reading! You made me feel comfortable and helped to relieve anxiety and worry about a current relationship.

~ Nicole ~

Katrina is a very sweet person with a gentle soul. She gave me a tarot reading so accurate my eyes began to water. It was an incredibly enjoyable experience.

~ N.R.S. ~

Thank you for giving me choices and helping me clarify what direction is best. Thank you also, for the reassurance about my relationship.

~ Lea ~

Dear Katrina, Today you were an angel sent from Heaven for me. Your reading was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. You created a lot of light today. I mean that sincerely. Love & Light.

~ Kelly M. ~

Very direct messages and you make sure that the "true message" is understood instead of letting the client go with what they "want" to hear.

~ Jeff ~

Had a reading today in Superior and was blown away at how spot on Katrina was! I was looking for clarity with my job and she read the deck of my choice for exactly what was/has been on my mind. I feel like I am on the right track now. Thank you!!!

~ Lindsey ~

Katrina, thank you for the reading - I really enjoyed your style. I was able to implement my gratitude prayers to release the tension of what I am worried about, due to the awareness your reading brought me. Every step makes a difference. We will be speaking in the future.

~ Jeannie ~

Thank you so much, Katrina. What a blessing it was for me to be drawn to you today!! You have given me tremendous encouragement to go forward with my choices.

~ Lynette ~