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Available for online or phone readings. Request a reading time via the form, or reach out directly via phone or email.

Readings are $50 for an approximately 25 minute reading. Payment is accepted via Paypal or Venmo. If requesting a Video Call reading, please be familiar with using Zoom or Skype before your reading time.

For appointments at The Historic Thayer Hotel, Annandale, MN, please call or email.
To schedule a group event, please contact me.

Note: Readings may not always give the answers you expect. Like a finely engraved cup, each is entirely unique. When you book a reading, you are reserving services of my time, knowledge, and guidance. Therefore, while I can reschedule with 7 days prior notification for groups, 48 hours for individuals, I do not offer refunds.

Request A Reading

Phone or Video Call

$50 Per Person

1 Person
Approx 25 minute reading
Please be familiar with using Zoom or Skype before reading time

Individual – In person

$50+ Per Person

1 Person
Approx 30 minute reading
$50 within Wright County, MN
Time & mileage applied for other locations


$35-45 Per Person

3 or more people
Approx 15-20 minute readings
Reading cost and duration varies depending on group size
Time & mileage applied for locations outside of Wright County

Parties or Large Groups

Please contact me for a quote

Depending on size and location, different options are available.

Emergency Readings

It is always best to book readings at least 24 hours in advance. However, I realize that sometimes we need an answer now. I do my best to accommodate these moments when possible, please contact me for availability.

Amazing reading! It was very in tune with my life right now. I now know what I have to deal with and I can look at my future with a fresh perspective.

~ Jessica ~

Fantastic reading! You made me feel comfortable and helped to relieve anxiety and worry about a current relationship.

~ Nicole ~

Katrina is a very sweet person with a gentle soul. She gave me a tarot reading so accurate my eyes began to water. It was an incredibly enjoyable experience.

~ N.R.S. ~

Thank you for giving me choices and helping me clarify what direction is best. Thank you also, for the reassurance about my relationship.

~ Lea ~

Dear Katrina, Today you were an angel sent from Heaven for me. Your reading was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. You created a lot of light today. I mean that sincerely. Love & Light.

~ Kelly M. ~

Very direct messages and you make sure that the "true message" is understood instead of letting the client go with what they "want" to hear.

~ Jeff ~

Had a reading today in Superior and was blown away at how spot on Katrina was! I was looking for clarity with my job and she read the deck of my choice for exactly what was/has been on my mind. I feel like I am on the right track now. Thank you!!!

~ Lindsey ~

Katrina, thank you for the reading - I really enjoyed your style. I was able to implement my gratitude prayers to release the tension of what I am worried about, due to the awareness your reading brought me. Every step makes a difference. We will be speaking in the future.

~ Jeannie ~

Thank you so much, Katrina. What a blessing it was for me to be drawn to you today!! You have given me tremendous encouragement to go forward with my choices.

~ Lynette ~

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Are you interested in having me read at your next gathering, party, or event? Tell me some of the details, such as when and where your event is taking place, and how many people are attending, for a quote.