Why I don’t do the 5 for $5 sample readings

As you may know, some tarot readers may offer quick $5 “sample” readings, which typically go for 5 minutes. I however, don’t offer these, and here’s why:

Why I don’t do the 5 for $5 tarot readings.When a querent, client, or friend comes to seek a reading from me, they have a question in mind, and they have already thought long and hard on that question. It would be very easy for me to turn a single card or three. To count the positives and negatives, or uprights and reversals. To read the keyword meaning of the card, its value or the numerology of the cards, or even the astrology of the cards. From this basic quick glance we can easily say yes or no, act or don’t act. But really, is this being fair to the inquirer?

Sure, they paid their $5 and got a 5 minute sample reading, that’s fair. But really, is that what they wanted? If they have taken the time to seek me out, or taken the time to come to an event, then they have put in some effort and they did this because the question vexes them. It is likely that they have pondered it hard and talked to friends about it. I’m sure some of those friends have told them yes or no, act or don’t act. Yet, still the question persists. Because of this, they deserve a more complete look at the situation: not just a quick yes or no, but a good look at who or what is involved that hasn’t been considered. What messages have been over looked or are yet to come? Is the timing off, or is there something else that needs to be considered?

For these reasons I can’t skimp on a reading, and you won’t find a time limit sign on my reading table. When the querent sits down with me, I have no way of knowing how long a reading will take. It may be 15 minutes or it may be 40, there is no rule. Honestly, I have to ask myself, how I would feel if I were the one getting the reading and a timer went “Ding!” mid card, thought, question, or clarification. Unsatisfied comes to mind, and this is not a good thing. So no, I don’t give a $5 – five minute reading. Please, sit with me and let’s have a good talk.

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