Why do we ask, “What is your question today?”

I recently had a conversation with a very nice lady who had never had a reading before, either psychic or intuitive. She asked me, “Why do you ask, ‘What is your question’, aren’t you supposed to know?” Well, yes and no. Most people come to a reader with a question on their mind and I am happy to help them. Occasionally, someone will ask, “What message does the universe have for me today?” I’m happy to help them with this, too. So, why do I ask?

Let’s look at this in a more mundane scenario. Your car is making an annoying noise and so you take it to the mechanic. You drop it off, ask the mechanic to “fix the car”, you leave the keys and come back later in the day. The mechanic explains that he looked up the maintenance records and saw that the car was due for an oil change, so he did that. He also saw that your tires were worn out, so he replaced them. That chip in the windshield is unsafe, so he replaced the windshield too. Oh- and while he was doing those, he noticed a few other things needed tuning up, repairing, or replacing, so he did those too. After all, you did ask him to “fix the car”. Well, that was quite expensive, but those things did need to be fixed… However, as you drive away, the exhaust pipe still has that rattle it had yesterday. The problem you brought the car in for remains. It wasn’t that the mechanic did anything wrong. He followed your instructions, and all the repairs he made did need to be done for your own safety and for the good maintenance of the car. However, that rattle in the exhaust, though it does not impact your safety, is still overwhelmingly irritating you. Perhaps if you had asked the mechanic to look into the rattle specifically, he could have fixed that and then brought the other issues to your attention as needed.

Now let’s come back to a reading with a psychic or intuitive. Just as the car is a complex thing, and mechanic found several things that genuinely and urgently needed attention, so too are you surrounded by messages, auras, vibrations, guides, life, stress and worries. The list goes on and on of things you may want, or need, assistance with. I can sort through these and work through the ones that need attention, however, along the way I may delve into an area you do not wish to discuss, or I may spend our valuable time together on a matter you wish to work though yourself. Our time together may run out, without reaching the primary concern you seek assistance with today. I’m glad to be of help to you with any of your concerns. However, there is usually one thing that is on in your mind, which you hold to a higher priority. If we start there, then you can handle the others or we can look at them together another time. Let’s start there, shall we? What is your question today?

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