Let us bask in the Sun

Is it The Sun, or is it The Son?

A tale of two cards.

The Sun – It warms our earth, our soil, our body and our soul. It is the largest energy producer affecting earth. It grows our crops, heals our wounds, our hearts and our being. It liberates us from worries, stresses and constraints. It brings us joy and contentment. It delivers light, for clarity, exposing truth and reveling what is hidden. It shows us what has to be done and best way to do it.

The Son – Traditionally showing a child on his horse. He is to become The Knight. Unrestrained as a child, he is free to do as he chooses. He is carefree and jovial. Just as he needs his horse on his journey to adulthood, we need others about us. A journey traveled with others will reach its goal faster and with less fatigue. So remember to take others with you along your path. Be childish and creative. Daydream and enjoy the day. Relax and be grateful for it.

But is the Son a biblical figure? The Son of God and so is all mankind? The Sun is a golden orb; the Son of God and the saints are depicted with a golden aura. The journey he takes is one of enlightenment and divine spiritual growth, taken with an open heart and generosity. You are blessed; so indeed, count your blessings.

Together the Sun and Son ask you to take action. Go out into nature before dawn, and watch the sunrise: be a part of the day’s birth. Follow the sun’s ray, down through head and body, into the earth. Then pull the earth’s energy back up, through the same path. Now grounded, you can begin your daily journey, along the golden path to enlightenment of spirit, attainment of knowledge, and to a higher self.

But, even the Sun is not perfect. Beware the gift horse. To gaze on its brilliance will blind us. Life is about balance; if we spend all our days basking in the glory of the sun, we get burns, sun stroke, and cancer. Eventually it will bring death to the world, as the earth is pulled into and engulfed by it. So enjoy the Sun and bask in its glory, but remember, everything in moderation.

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