The Joy of Turning Over The Death Card

The Death Card, in a way, is like a prarie fire.

Oh yes, there are days like this.

An odd title to be sure, but yesterday it fit so well and was such a good reminder for me. So much so that today I have to write it down. This story winds a little, and so, I invite you to follow.

Intuitives are generally very good at clearing through the clutter. We know the current path best to follow. We can look at the many boxes of baggage our seekers (those we read for) bring to the table, and we know how to sort and stack them into an organized path. We can assign the boxes to stacks. Those to throw out, or to keep. Those to label to be watched, or those to be dealt with immediately. But in our own lives we also, sometimes, find our own boxes of baggage in a mixed up heap as they have crashed around us and our own life is out of balance. This is where I was yesterday. Over three days I had watched my organized world fall into disarray. It did not feel good at all. I kept seeing the messages; they were coming at me from all directions. I knew what I was being told and how I needed to make a turn to get back into balance, but it seemed like I was stuck, unable to follow the advice I knew I would give to any of my seekers that were in a similar position. I was stuck. Seeing the message, I pointed myself in the direction I knew I needed to travel, but was unable to take that first step.

The message I was getting, the universe, it seemed was telling me, in oh so many ways, from so very many people and in such an incredible variety of ways, was simple; that this too shall pass, it can only get better from here, onwards and upwards, and out with the old, in with the new. Let it go, just let it go. So obvious, so simple, I could see and hear them all, and yet there I was, stuck, pointing in the right direction, knowing I needed to make that first step, but stuck. Then I turned over a card for the day, and it has moved me. The Death Card! What a joy to see. Please follow me here to better understand. I did say this story winds a little.

The Death Card, so very rarely, if ever, is to be interpreted as a death of life. Even less, if that is possible, is it a fore-teller of death of life. I’ve heard of readers who see it this way, and I am shocked by those who cause the seeker untold grief and anguish by not properly explaining this card. Just last weekend, I was told by seeker that another reader, I didn’t want their name, had told this lady that she was going to die soon. It’s not the first time I’ve heard this, or a similar story. I wanted to tell her, as I have done others, that the future we see now is changeable. We have the power to change it… However, that is the subject for another blog. Let’s look at the true meaning of the death card.

Simply put, The Death Card does mean an ending, but only so that a beginning can start. Let us put that into some common sense perspective. You can enjoy a good book, and you might grieve just a little when your reading of it comes to an end. However, you can put it down now and enjoy the process of finding another good book to get lost in. You can take a very nice trip and your journey will end because you have arrived at a wonderful destination. Your vacation ends, but you come home with fabulous memories. A job ends, and a career begins. Endings are all around us and they can seem so terrible at that moment but, put back into context, they are nothing more than a new beginning.

The way I read the cards, I first turn each card over and give the briefest of explanations of their placement and meaning before turning the next. Then, when they are all turned, I see how they all fit together, how their placements in the layout applies, how they align, connect, and communicate with each other, and how they apply to the situation we are looking at. Then we can discuss the message they give.

When The Death Card comes in to a reading, particularly if the seeker has no understanding of the Tarot, the seeker becomes concerned and their thoughts jump to a death of life. My initial brief explanation of the card, is not one that first comes to mind for any other reader that I have ever spoken with. Yet it is the only way I have ever seen this card. That is, it needs to be looked at like a prairie fire. A person’s first reaction to a prairie fire is horror; the flames, the death, the ugly scar, but let’s look a little closer. The line of fire in a prairie fire is rarely so big. It may cover a lot of ground, but the flames are often small and low. So low that we can jump or even just step right over it. Sure it leaves a black and burnt ground behind it, but after the rain that blackness blossoms and blooms with fresh greenery and a bouquet of flowers. Better, is that the old tangled mess of old grass and stems has now gone and so we can actually see the beauty that was previously hidden. Now, the animals, the birds, and butterflies that fled the fire can also return to enjoy the bounty. A storm surely has passed, but the beauty now calms and fills us. This is the joy that The Death Card brings to us.

I started this week filled with chaos. With my thoughts in turmoil and my baggage boxes in disarray. It did not feel like a good place. I saw and heard the messages. I knew what I had to do, and which path I had to take, and yet I was stuck. It was the turning of The Death Card that made me see that all I had to do to get back to the light was to step over the fire. I had to only take that one step,… and so I did… and so I have… and it really is raining right now, so the beauty can come again. Oh look, it’s already here.

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  1. Your a beautiful writer…I would like a private reading do you go out to locations where we can get them and how much do your reading cost.

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