The Bridge

People have often asked me about the bridge picture I use. I love old stone bridges but this particular one stands out to me. It has so many symbols within the picture, which I see as a reflection of the symbolism in Tarot cards. This bridge is located in Kromlau Park, Gablenz, Saxony Germany. It is a beautiful 200 acre landscape park known for this wonderful bridge, an abundance of Azalea and Rhododendron bushes, and gothic architecture. Here, the bridge crosses Rakotzsee Lake. Thus its name, the Rakotzbrücke. While the bridge can be viewed from the foot path leading to it, is not open to be crossed.


This type of precarious looking bridge, primarily built in medieval times (1000-1600 A.D.) is called a Devil’s Bridge, and just looking at it you can see why this name might be used. They do look as though only the Devil could have created them. They look flimsy, unsafe and almost impossible to construct. However, they are in fact extremely strong, and the fact that they have survived many hundreds of years is proof of their durability. Because of the Roman engineering style used, they are often mis-categorized to the Roman period. I personally dislike the term Devil’s Bridge for this style. It is far too beautiful for that. It strikes me as a place of fun and frolicking.
Some of the symbolism I see in this photo is obvious, and some not so much. You may see things differently and find symbols of your own. My list can on and on, so I’m only putting the most obvious here. You will notice that I see the symbols not as definite thoughts, but as questions. Which symbols to apply? Which answer is right? Is it positive or negative, advice or a warning? All these depend on the situation at hand.

It is a bridge, do we cross over it or pass under it? Has that move been made yet, or is it yet to be made?

The reflection brings us a full circle. Are we complete with out our reflection? Should we consider how what we say and do reflects up on us? The circle is never ending, infinite. The water is still, and the reflection suggests to me, a portal. Where to? Are we looking forward or back? Are we moving towards the portal, or leaving it behind? If towards it, are we intending to pass through, or just looking curiously? If away, did we just come through?

Water is a symbol of our emotions; does it follow that our emotions are now as calm as the water here? Are we above and in control of our emotions, or are we sinking quietly in to them?

Is the rock beyond the bridge a focal point, or a distraction? What or whom does the rock formation represent?

Are the buttresses on either side of the bridge supporting it, guarding it or do they have another purpose?

We seem to be in a valley, the banks of which are covered in blooms. This indicates the passing of the rain. I’m sure the fragrance is powerful and beautiful. However, are we trapped in the valley? Are we in a gilded cage? Or can we gather some of the blooms to enhance our own world?

I have only scratched the surface of what can be seen in this picture. Feel free to let me know what you see.

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