A look into my methods.

I was recently asked to explain how and why I work the way I do for my readings. I do some things differently from other readers and this became a subject of curiosity. So, here some of my methods and my reasoning behind them.

My Many Decks

My clients know that I am not a one Tarot Deck reader. I always have several decks with me. Sometimes I might have a dozen decks with me. When other readers tend use or focus on just one deck. I have no problem with those that choose to work with only use one deck. It works for them, and that’s a good thing. It doesn’t work for me, and that’s a fine thing too. Some readers like the querent to shuffle and cut the deck to add their energy to it and that’s fine for them. For me I pick up on the querents energy when they choose which deck we’ll work with. Notice I said, “we’ll work with,” and this is where it starts. Which deck they choose conveys to me their energy, their mood, their personality, and so many other subtleties and nuances of their current state of being. It’s not just me at the table; I have a client, a friend, who seeks me out for guidance. To me it is only right that the querent can fully see the cards, their place in the spread, to not be afraid to speak up with what they recognize as a reflection of their situation, and to ask for clarification of what they see. This is why I also prefer to have the querent sit next to me, rather than across the table.

Table Manners

Some readers will sit across the table from the querent, put down a spread of cards, and read away. I prefer to have the querent sit next to me, so they can see the cards from the same perspective as I do. Many of my decks are works of art and to see them only from across the table, effectively upside down, does little to enhance the experience for the querent. They are paying me good money, why would I limit their experience? I just mentioned that the querent across the table can only see the spread of cards upside down. We call upside down cards a reversal and it is often considered then in its negative light, so why would I ask the querent to see the spread this way? I prefer that my clients can enjoy the visual feast with me.

On Reversals

Reversals are cards that appear in a spread upside down, often by deliberately flipping some cards during the shuffling of the deck. Traditionally these are read in a negative light. I dislike the practice of adding negativity in to our lives and so I don’t deliberately turn the cards to cause reversals. If, for some reason one manages to find its way in, then I will read it as it wants to be read, but I won’t create the situation. This follows that my readings are framed for a more positive outlook. Let us face the fact that my client comes to me looking for answers, they deserve to leave with hope and a good feeling in their heart. This does not however, mean that there are never warnings held in the cards. The pictures and the meanings behind them can and do hold warnings for the querent to heed. Knowing what and where those warnings are is part of the intuition and knowledge that I have built over the years. Being able to warn the querent of these negatives helps them to avoid them and so together we can replace the negative with a good thing. The warnings that are needed will still be there, I just don’t need to go inviting trouble by reversing cards before we have even started. Others will disagree with me and that’s okay. Neither way is right or wrong I just find my way doesn’t invite trouble where none is called for. If the cards want to give a warning, it will still be there to see.

This is my first blog post, and I do hope you have enjoyed it. I will be writing more, so please, feel free to check back. I’ll give my thoughts on methods, meanings, decks, experiences and yes, occasionally I’ll be totally off topic.

Now go out there and be the positive you want to see in the world.

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