Let us contemplate The Moon

The Moon - Tarot Reading
I have to admit – The Moon is one of my favorite cards. It has many different ways of being read of course, as all cards do, this is just one of the ways it speaks to me:

In many decks, the face of the moon is a man, yet the expression is soft and effeminate. Perhaps a man in touch with his sensitive side? No, it never reads that way to me. The Moon Card has values as sweet as love and romance, but feelings of danger can easily prevail in the night. It is the contradiction of this card that makes it so attractive.

We stare at the moon and imagine; we sleep under the moon and we dream. We dance by the light of the moon, and to add romance to any scene – just add moonlight. This nighttime playfulness however, does not always apply. We fear the things that go bump in the night, the boogie man, and the monster under the bed. We fear the shadows and the dark places. We fear the dark, ominous night.

But yet, the gentle soft light of the night beckons us out in to nature, where the nocturnal creatures are often ones we least enjoy to have around us. The same beautiful light casts the darkest shadows that our fears hide in. How can something so provocative and beautiful, also incite our fears so easily?

Our dreams come from the deepest recesses of our mind. The card’s message is to contemplate our dreams, to find inspiration in them, and acknowledge that what stops us from following those dreams is most often fear.

It is by the light of the moon that we must learn to trust. To trust in our dreams, our intuition, our goals, and most of all, ourselves. We must trust that the monsters under the bed, the boogie man, and things that go bump in the night are all fears of our own creation. In the words of the great Winston Churchill, “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.” We created those fears ourselves, and so we must vanquish them ourselves. We must learn that the darkness of the shadows does not hide fearsome things. The dark is merely a lack of illumination. A place not to fear, but a place of opportunity. An empty place, in which to grow our inspiration and to build our dreams so that goals can be achieved. A place to let our own light shine.

So in reading The Moon Card we should, as it wants us to, contemplate and find inspiration in our dreams. However, if those dreams are to be brought to fruition, we must also shine a light on our fears so that in exposing them, we also vanquish them. Only then will our way be clear and our goals attainable.

When I see The Moon Card a line from a childhood song comes to mind; “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine.” When you see The Moon Card, remember to shine your light into the shadows. Shine your light for others to see by, and accept the light shone on you by others. The light shall both expose and dispel your fears. With fear gone, you are free to be inspired by your dreams and walk safely, guided by the moon light along the path to your dreamt of goals. Remember, as long there is light, there is hope.

But then ask your self… Is it all just smoke and mirrors?

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