Let us bask in the Sun

A tale of two cards. The Sun – It warms our earth, our soil, our body and our soul. It is the largest energy producer affecting earth. It grows our crops, heals our wounds, our hearts and our being. It liberates us from worries, stresses and constraints. It brings us joy and contentment. It delivers […]

Why I don’t do the 5 for $5 sample readings

Why I Don't Do 5 for $5 Tarot Readings

As you may know, some tarot readers may offer quick $5 “sample” readings, which typically go for 5 minutes. I however, don’t offer these, and here’s why: When a querent, client, or friend comes to seek a reading from me, they have a question in mind, and they have already thought long and hard on […]

The Bridge

The Stone Arch Devil's Bridge

People have often asked me about the bridge picture I use. I love old stone bridges but this particular one stands out to me. It has so many symbols within the picture, which I see as a reflection of the symbolism in Tarot cards. This bridge is located in Kromlau Park, Gablenz, Saxony Germany. It […]

A look into my methods.

I was recently asked to explain how and why I work the way I do for my readings. I do some things differently from other readers and this became a subject of curiosity. So, here some of my methods and my reasoning behind them. My Many Decks My clients know that I am not a […]