As a child I grew up in a quaint village in England in sight of the Welsh Hills and as old as the hills themselves. This small village is mentioned in the Doomsday Book, a great survey of the land of England and Wales ordered by William the Conqueror in 1086. The nearby city of Chester is so steeped in history that can’t truly be revealed due to the layers of history building upon themselves over the ages. Known as the Walled City, it retains the most complete example of the ancient walls built during the Roman conquests. In tracing back my family’s history, it is remarkable how far back we go in the same small local area.

As a teen my family and I came to Minnesota. Soon I met my husband Mike, and settled down in Wright County to raise a family.

Today my husband and I still enjoy the small town life but love to travel when we can. Our two daughters are grown and have moved out of the family home as independent and strong daughters I am proud of.

I am lucky to be surrounded by animals. My horses keep me grounded in life while letting me fly when we ride as one. The now passed J.J. was a talker; he would call to me when things weren’t right in the barn. Nowadays, while my other horses will tell me things, none has matched J.J. for conversation. My current herd, Ghost Dancer and Black Jewel, both have a great deal to say lately about the weather, their feed, and the adventures we go on as we ride in parades or drive on the trails across the country. It is nice to know they appreciate their care and travels.

Nick is the senior dog in my life. He is a French Brittany Spaniel and his joy in life is to be bounding and jumping through brush, trees, and prairie grass. The new puppy is Charlie, an English Springer Spaniel, who is currently all sharp baby teeth and wriggles. Haylee the cat (the last of 5) is now a senior and cares for nothing but attention (when my hands are busy), for her food dish to be full at all times, and for her favorite warm spot to be available for her at all times.