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I started this journey many years ago. As a child I had my future read by a fortune teller. This sparked my curiosity for divination and the art of reading the unseen. A deck of Tarot cards used in childhood for storytelling became my intuitive tool of choice. As a teen my curiosity became a hobby, which then blossomed into a passion, and now I share it with others. I am based in Annandale, Wright County, Minnesota, and do tarot readings both near and far.

Through intuitive tarot readings, I am able to provide insight and guidance for you, and by working with a variety of tarot decks, I am able to give a more attuned reading. My patrons tell me that my readings are like the unfolding of a story, lit by sage advice.

My friends and inquirers asked me to create this page to let others know where I will be doing venue readings, as an easy way to contact me, to share positive affirmations, and just to keep in touch.

Our journeys are constantly beginning, and here we start again. Let’s take a step together. Allow me to share with you the art and gift of intuitive tarot card reading, and together let’s reveal the unknown.